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Where to Order a Construction Dumpster?

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The construction industry is full of dumpsters, but not all are created equal. Some may be too big or too small, others may look old and rusty or expensive, and some may be placed in an area that’s inconvenient or inaccessible to you or your team.

It can be a more significant challenge to find the dumpsters and storage units you need, especially when you don’t have time to search for yourself. Below, we’ve put together this list of places to order dumpsters to help you save some time.

1.      Disposal Bin Rentals

When you’re ready to take on a major construction project but are short on space, it can be challenging to find solutions for waste storage and disposal. Fortunately, a dumpster rental is an excellent option for businesses with large volumes of waste they need to discard.

These disposal bins are designed to be placed outdoors, making them ideal for construction and renovation projects where there is little space available. Before placing your order, it’s essential to consult with your local municipality. In some cases, you may need to obtain permits before installing a bin on your property.

2.      Landscaping Contractors

If you’re planning on renovating an outdoor space, it’s probably easiest to contact your landscaper and place an order with them. They’ll pick up your dumpster, transport it, and deliver it back when they’ve finished collecting your materials.

Rather than transporting your materials and waste back and forth, call a local landscaping company or contractor to see if they have any dumpsters available for rent. This will save you money and time in both transit and labor and cut down on pollution.

3.      General Contractors

If you have an ongoing major construction project, such as building, remodeling, or converting an attic into a second floor, you’ll likely want to rent a dumpster to properly dispose of waste. General contractors who work on larger projects will often have access to affordable dumpsters that homeowners don’t have. Make sure to clarify what kind of trash you can throw in them (usually nothing flammable) and how much weight they can handle before choosing one for yourself.

4.      Demolition Contractors

Demolition contractors usually have dumpsters on site for waste disposal during demolition projects. This makes them a convenient place to go when you’re looking for a construction dumpster. You can check local listings or search online to find these companies. You’ll usually be able to call a local contractor and order one on short notice, and arrange delivery when it’s needed.


No matter what your construction project involves, there are plenty of places near you that will gladly assist you with your dumpster needs.

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