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Where to Find a Renovation Bin Rental in the Newmarket Area?

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As you start ripping down drywall and removing other building materials, you may soon realize that they won’t fit in your standard household bin. You may also not like the idea of making countless trips to the garbage dump with small loads, or leaving waste in a pile on your lawn or driveway until the job is done. 

In that case, the idea of using a renovation bin rental may be appealing. However, not everyone knows where to find one, particularly in the Newmarket area of greater Toronto, Ontario. If you need a helping hand before your renovation gets underway, you may find some helpful information below. 

Search On the Internet

If you type ‘renovation bin rental Newmarket’ into a search engine, you may be directed to the sites of several businesses offering renovation bin rental, such as Express Bins. 

These can be your first port of call for hiring a bin for your renovation. You will likely find at least one or two advertising quick delivery, competitive service, and even online bin rental in the Newmarket area. 

Talk to Friends and Family

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful forms of advertising, so don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family where they sourced their renovation bins. If they were happy with the service, they may be more than happy to recommend the business they chose. 

Walk the Streets

A renovation boom is happening worldwide, with more and more homeowners deciding to turn their homes into places they enjoy spending time inside since the COVID-19 pandemic made it increasingly necessary. 

You may only need to wander down a local Newmarket street to find someone with a renovation bin sitting in their driveway. Take note of the business name or talk to the owner and learn more about the company. 

How to Choose a Renovation Bin Rental Provider in Newmarket

You may now have a fair idea of the businesses offering bins for rent in Newmarket, but there is value in narrowing down your options to have confidence in the business you end up working with. 

The internet can be a helpful resource for this process, with most reputable renovation bin rental companies having websites for you to learn more about them. 


When you’re busy with renovations, you don’t want bin rental to be a stressful experience. Look at what each business does to make rental easier. Some may offer online bin rentals, which means you can order your bin at the click of a button. 

Others might offer quick delivery, pick-up within a certain number of days, and the price of delivery and pick-up included in the overall rental price. 


Even though a bin is only going to house your trash, you may not want one you don’t trust to hold the weight of your building materials. Look for mention of bin features that can inspire confidence, such as driveway-safe bins. 


Renovations can be expensive, and the last thing you likely want to do is spend more than you have to on a bin. Transparent, clear pricing on a bin provider’s website can ensure you’re fully aware of how much the service will cost. Finding a renovation bin rental in the Newmarket area can be easy, but that doesn’t mean you should always pick the first one you see. Consider this information above to ensure you can contact a company you trust, like Express Bins.

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