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4 Tips for Construction Waste Disposal

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Any home DIYer and construction company can find themselves with the never-ending task of getting rid of construction waste. It can build up quite quickly on the average work site and can often take countless trips to landfills to get rid of. 

However, with a small amount of pre-planning and some disposal tips in hand, you might be well on your way to effortless waste disposal management that makes your construction project far less stressful than you imagined. 

Create a Construction Waste Plan

Even before you start looking at renting a dumpster for construction waste in Canada, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan for what you’ll do with construction waste once work commences. Whether you’re working on a DIY project or you’re a construction business owner, knowing what to do with your waste allows for organization right from the beginning. 

This plan might involve your intentions for separating materials based on where they’ll be going. For example, you might decide to put all old appliances in one pile if they’re being recycled, solvents and chemicals in another, and drywall in another. 

Rent a Dumpster

While many construction companies are trying to do better with their construction waste and recycle as much of it as possible, there will still be plenty of materials that will need to head directly to landfills. By renting a dumpster, you can keep your job site clean and organized and remove the need for frequent landfill trips that interrupt your day. 

Dumpster rental companies can drop off a suitably-sized dumpster for construction waste, which you can fill and have collected on a timeline that suits your needs the best. There’s no need for you to leave your worksite unnecessarily. 

Keep It Organized

The average building renovation or construction site can be chaotic, with building materials ending up in piles in some of the most inconvenient places. Before renovations get underway, make a plan to keep them in specific areas where they won’t get in the way of workers trying to do their jobs. You might find that one of the best areas to dump waste temporarily is within a short walking distance of the dumpster you rented. Make sure everyone is aware of this plan from the beginning, and you might be surprised at how clean, tidy, and organized your worksite can remain.

Identify Hazardous Waste

Not all construction materials you pull from a job site will be suitable for placement in a dumpster for removal by a dumpster rental company. Most companies will accept non-hazardous materials like roofing, concrete, siding, drywall, and appliances, but they won’t take hazardous materials like gasoline, oils, asbestos, and solvents. 

Identify any hazardous waste present on your worksite and separate it from your non-hazardous materials. You can then enjoy a seamless disposal process without worrying about digging through the dumpster for unsuitable materials. If your next construction project is about to get underway, start working on your construction waste management plan. Contact dumpster rental company Express Bins to learn more about the available dumpsters for rent in York Region and Simcoe County to make your next renovation project as stress-free and organized as possible.

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