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6 Tips for a Move-Out Cleaning + Checklist

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We accumulate a lot of personal possessions, which poses no problems most of the time. However, when the ‘sold’ sign goes up on your home, and you need to pack up and move, you might realize that you have a significant job ahead of you. Not only do you need to navigate the legal logistics of buying and selling a home, but you’ll also be undertaking the mammoth task of packing, moving, and cleaning. 

As daunting as moving house can be, it doesn’t have to be the stressful experience that many people encounter. Here are some helpful tips for move-out cleaning and a convenient checklist to keep you on the right track. 

Rent a Bin

It’s easy to assume that everything you own is of value and worth keeping, but that’s often not the case. It can sometimes be easier to store items in cupboards, drawers, and garages rather than drive to local landfills and dispose of them. As a result, you might have a collection of useless items that take up room and aren’t going to be needed at your new home. 

Rather than take them with you, rent a dumpster bin and clear out waste that could free up much-needed space in your moving truck. Some of the best bin rental businesses in Newmarket, like Express Bins, offer a range of bin sizes to suit commercial and residential needs and can be delivered and collected on days that fit your moving schedule. 

Clean Up Room By Room

When you realize how much stuff you own and how very little time you have to clean and move out, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Sometimes, you even have to navigate this time-consuming task while working full-time and looking after your family. 

However, the moving process might seem a little less daunting if you break it down into smaller tasks and clean your house room by room. Suddenly, you’re able to see progress being made and might be more motivated to get the job done faster. 

Many people prefer to start with the garage, which tends to be where rubbish, oversized items, and broken furniture end up. Rent a bin, throw away any trash, and use the freed-up space for boxed household goods that can move directly from the garage to your moving truck. 

Organize Possessions Into Piles

Many homeowners use moving as an opportunity to declutter and organize their lives. If you have accumulated a significant amount of items over time, you might have a challenging job ahead of you. 

However, going room by room and organizing your possessions into piles might be worth doing. Label these piles, keep, throw away, donate, and sell. Items you want to keep can be returned to their rightful place or packed into boxes, while items destined to be thrown away can be immediately put into the bin you rented. If you plan to donate items, you can box these up and take them to your local charity store, and items for sale can be photographed and listed on social media and auction sites where they can find new owners. 

Purchase Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are typically products you purchase over time and replace as you run out. You might also not have an abundance of each product if you don’t undertake deep cleaning frequently. As moving house is the best time to deep clean your home, don’t forget to stock up on the supplies you’ll need. Cleaning clothes, rubber gloves, all-purpose cleaners, antibacterial sprays, and white vinegar are just a few of the many vital products to own before you get started. 

Rely On the Experts

As it’s your home, you might think you alone have to handle everything related to cleaning, decluttering, waste removal, and moving. However, that’s not the case. The moving process can be stressful, and the more help you have, the less stressed you could be. 

Don’t be afraid to hire as many experts as you need to get the job done. For example, you can call waste removal companies to help with the removal of your household waste and cleaning companies to provide a deep-cleaning service. 

If you have carpets and rugs, hiring a carpet cleaning business to shampoo these can also be an excellent idea, along with landscapers and gardeners, to tidy up your lawn in anticipation of the new owners’ arrival. 

If you have furniture that you no longer need and is too good to be thrown into your rented bin, you might even be able to call charity stores to collect it for people in need rather than taking time out of your busy week to deliver it yourself. 

Write a List

With your official moving day just around the corner, you likely know you have lots to do and very little time in which to do it. Don’t risk running out of time. Instead, write a detailed list of the tasks you have to do and etch out an expected timeframe for them to occur. 

For example, you might dedicate an entire day to gardening but just five minutes of your time to requesting a quote for bin rental from a local waste removal company. When you have a list of tasks and an idea of how long they will take, you might feel more organized and in control of your timeline. 

A Move-Out Cleaning Checklist

Moving house can throw your entire schedule into chaos, and it’s easy to forget some of the most crucial tasks that need to be taken care of before the moving truck arrives. Don’t forget to tick the following tasks off your list. 

  • Order a bin for hassle-free waste removal
  • Book a moving truck
  • Purchase packing supplies (boxes, tape, marker pens, labels)
  • Purchase cleaning supplies (multi-purpose sprays, antibacterial sprays, gloves, cleaning cloths)
  • Book experts to help (cleaning companies, landscapers, gardeners)
  • Clean room by room
  • Organize possessions into piles (keep, donate, sell, and throw away) 

There’s no denying that moving house can cause a great deal of stress, especially when you have accumulated many possessions over the years living in your family home. However, when you rent a bin, rely on the experts, and have an itemized list of tasks you can tick off one by one, you might be surprised by how straightforward and seamless the entire process is.

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