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Renovation Garbage Bins: Sizes and Types

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When it comes to renovation projects, having a trash disposal strategy in place is crucial.  This is when renovation garbage cans come in handy. From front-load dumpsters to garbage bins, there are various solutions available to fulfill the exact demands of your project.

Selecting the best renovation waste bin is an important choice that might affect the success of your project. It may have an impact on anything from trash disposal costs to the timing of your project. In this article, we’ll look at the different types and sizes of renovation waste bins, as well as the elements to consider when choosing the appropriate bin for your project. 

Types of Garbage Bins

Self-Contained Compactors

These containers are completely sealed, preventing trash from being blown away or spilled. They’re also intended to compress waste materials, allowing for the storage of a greater amount of garbage in less space. Self-contained compactors are available in a range of capacities ranging from 15 to 40 cubic yards and are excellent for commercial building projects.

They’re simple to use since they include hydraulic systems that enable effortless loading and unloading of waste items. They are also extremely sturdy, being composed of steel and built to endure harsh weather conditions. 

Front-Load Dumpsters

These are rectangular containers that use hydraulic arms to be emptied onto garbage trucks. Front-load dumpsters range in size from 2 to 8 cubic yards and are suitable for modest remodeling jobs like bathroom or kitchen remodels. They can carry a wide range of waste items, such as drywall, wood, and domestic garbage.

Front-load dumpsters are easy to operate and take up little space, making them an excellent choice for homeowners with limited driveway or parking space. They’re also ecologically favorable since many waste management firms provide recycling alternatives for metal, cardboard, and plastic. Front-load dumpsters can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis, making them a versatile alternative for both homeowners and professionals.

Debris boxes

Also known as construction bins, these steel containers feature reinforced sidewalls to avoid damage from large loads. Rubbish bins range in size from 10 to 40 cubic yards and are perfect for building sites or major renovation projects. They can accommodate a wide range of waste materials, including concrete, asphalt, and other heavy materials.

Since they have low sides and may be put directly on the ground, debris bins are simple to load. Debris boxes are a popular alternative for both contractors and homeowners since they can be rented for a short or lengthy period of time.

Open-Top Containers

These containers are often made of metal and feature an open top, allowing for the convenient disposal of large, bulky items such as furniture, appliances, and construction trash. The open-top design also enables easy access to the container’s contents, making loading and unloading waste products a breeze.

Open-top containers are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small 2-yard bins to a large 40-yard bin. They’re also available for rent.

Bin Sizes

Before you rent your bin online, it’s crucial to understand the sizes that are offered as well as how measurements work. Trash cans are not usually long and broad; rather, they are measured in volume. Sizes of bins include:

1. 4-yard bin: This bin size is ideal for most small-to-medium-sized building or remodeling projects. It’s suitable for both business and residential applications. A 4-yard container is also perfect for gardening or other landscaping projects.

2. 6-yard bin: This bin size is suitable for small-to-medium-sized building projects or remodeling. These can include cleanouts or small chores when there isn’t enough room for a rubbish container. Whether you are planning a spring cleaning or a small renovation project for your home or workplace, this is the ideal size trash container for your waste.

3. 10-yard bin: If your project is bigger and a 6-yard bin seems insufficient, consider a 10-yard bin. These garbage cans have a larger capacity and a double-door entrance. A 10-yard container is compact enough to fit into a small space while holding more garbage from your cleaning operations.

4. 14-yard bin: This bin’s size is appropriate for major renovation or building projects. Because of its versatility, it is used by both homeowners and contractors. This is the perfect bin size if you are planning a multi-room remodel or a roofing job. A 14-yard container, unlike smaller dumpsters, can store multiple larger objects such as furniture or appliances that you wish to get rid of.

5. 20-yard bin: The 20-yard container offers a wide capacity to retain your rubbish for major jobs. If you’re embarking on a kitchen makeover and need to get rid of cabinets or appliances, the 20-yard container is ideal.

6. 30-yard bin: A 30-yard container can handle the garbage generated by a large building project. These containers can accommodate a lot of remodeling or construction debris, furniture, appliances, and other heavy objects. They certainly take up a lot of room, but they’re designed with double doors so you can go in and dump the waste rather than throw it in.

7. 40-yard bin: These are the biggest garbage cans on the market and are ideal for major jobs. This is the bin to choose if you intend to dispose of a considerable amount of furniture or waste. The disadvantage is that large rubbish containers like the 30-yard bin can take up a lot of space on the property.

Considerations When Selecting a Renovation Garbage Bin

  • Size of your project: A larger project will create more waste materials, thus it is critical to select a bin large enough to accommodate the amount of garbage generated. A smaller project, on the other hand, may only need a smaller bin.
  • Waste disposal needs: Various bins are meant to store different types of rubbish, such as building debris or domestic junk. Pick a bin that is appropriate for the materials you will be disposing of. 
  • Available space for the bin: Measure the available space and compare it to the dimensions of the bin you’re considering renting. You should also think about the accessibility of the region where the bin will be placed. Will the trash can be positioned in a confined space or in a more open space? Would there be any obstructions or other considerations that might impact the bin’s placement? 
  • Local regulations and permits:  Violations of local legislation can result in fines and other consequences, so do your homework and make sure you are following all applicable regulations and acquiring any necessary permissions. Your bin rental provider may be able to help you through local rules and secure permissions in some circumstances.

Rent a Renovation Garbage Bin Today

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