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Renovation Container Rental: 5 Reasons to Rent One

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Do you have a big or small home renovation coming up? Thinking about tearing out a wall, or redoing your whole kitchen? Home renovation projects can be both exciting and stressful, but above all things, home reno projects can be messy. If you are planning a renovation, you need to consider what you will do with your mess. 

One of the best ways to keep your renovation site running smoothly and safely is to designate a spot for your waste. From old lumber, tiles, and plaster, you can quickly accumulate a lot of waste during your renovation. To keep your site safe, it’s best to rent a construction bin that can act as your center for waste. 

Renting a construction bin is easy, affordable, and has many benefits. Keep your site organized, your workers safe, and your neighbors happy with a construction waste bin for your next renovation project. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of renting a construction bin for your renovation. 

Local Law Compliance

Each city or municipality has specific rules when it comes to home renovation projects and waste removal. It’s important to investigate these restrictions and mandates before you start your project. While most projects will require some form of permit, the one thing that is common about most neighborhoods is that you are not allowed to make a mess during your renovation. When you rent a large construction waste bin at the beginning of your project, you provide a space for your contractors’ waste and remain in compliance with local laws. 

Curb Appeal

No one likes the noise and the potential mess of a neighborhood renovation. To help keep your neighbors happy and your curb appeal as best as you can, it’s important to avoid creating a large mess on your property. When you rent a construction bin, you can keep your site clean, organized and your curb appeal acceptable. 

Liability Protection

Creating piles of dangerous renovation waste on your property can create a hazard for you, your visitors, and your workers. To avoid any litigation from an unforeseen accident on your renovation site, you need to keep things organized. Renting a construction bin will help you to keep your site clean and safe. 


When you are working on a construction project in your home, you create more than just waste. Your contractors will have many supplies, tools, and materials that need to be stored for your project. You can use an additional construction bin for the storage of these essential materials when the site is closed for the day.

Convenience and Savings

When you take on a renovation project, you will be responsible to remove your own waste. This could mean making several trips to the dump and paying dumping fees. When you rent a construction bin, your rental company will drop off your bin, come and get it when it’s full, and responsibly get rid of your waste. 

If you are considering a construction or renovation project in the near future, it’s time to make inquiries about renting a waste bin. 

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