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Construction Bin Rental: What Are Your Options?

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When you rent a dumpster or a construction bin, a waste company will drop it off at your property and pick it up when you have completed your project. Home improvement projects can be overwhelming without having to worry about where you will pile your garbage or how many trips to the dump that you will need to make.

Construction bins can be used for many types of home or business projects, including cleaning out your basement, renovating your kitchen, putting in new flooring, or completing new landscaping. All you need to do is make the call and your bin can be delivered the same day.

Renting a construction bin is easy and affordable. Finding a local company is easy and you only need to make a simple call. Your waste company will need to know what size you need, what type of refuse you plan on loading it with, and how long you will need to have your bin. Let’s take a closer look at your options when renting a construction bin.

Dumpster Materials

Before renting your construction bin, your waste company will need to know what type of refuse you will be filling it with. Most companies will not accept toxic materials like old paint, tires, car batteries, or electronics. Some companies will give you a discount on your rental costs if you are getting rid of recyclable materials. 

Bin Sizes

If you aren’t sure what size of the bin you need for your project, you can discuss your needs with your waste company. Depending on the size and length of your project, they will have a good idea of what you need. Most companies have bins available in 10 to 40 yards. Some companies have special sizes available. 

Benefits of Renting a Construction Bin


When you have an active job site at your home, safety should be an important consideration. Having random piles of refuse around your property could lead to injury. When you rent a construction bin, everything simply goes in the bin where it is contained, helping your workers to stay safe and your site to remain tidy.


There are many jobs to do on a construction site. Having a construction bin helps to simplify the removal process of unnecessary materials. Your workers can organize a process so that all waste goes into the container in one place. 


Renting a construction bin is as easy as making a simple phone call. All you need to know is what size you will need, where your location is, and how long you will need it. Most bins can be delivered the same day they are ordered.

Save Money

If you are completing a construction project you will generate a lot of waste. If you try to take each small load to the local dump, you will be paying for the weight and the service each time you enter the facility. With a construction bin, you simply fill it up, have it removed when you are finished with your project, and pay one fee.

If you have a construction project planned for your home or business, take advantage of these benefits of renting a construction bin today.

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